Saturday, August 31, 2019

Welcome to BUFS TTP 2019

This is a group blog for instructors and trainees in the
Busan University of Foreign Studies Teacher Training Program.
Below is a list of course and group notes. 

Session#1 Schedule

Questions for Former Trainees
Elementary     Secondary

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Pre-departure Odds & Ends and Documenting the Overseas Experience

Pre-departure Odds & Ends

Documenting and Processing your Overseas Experience (During & After)
  • Overseas Journal: Hard copy and/or Digital
  • Eventually, each class will transfer notes to Overseas Group Notes: Elementary   Secondary
    Feel free to do so along the way.
  • When you return, you will be asked complete an Overseas School Observation Report. If you like, you can make a copy of that document now, add it to your Journal Folder, and start documenting your experiences and begin preparing for your ‘Show & Tell’ Presentation of activities and methods you observed overseas. . Example Activity
  • Add useful vocabulary your learned in Canada to the Overseas Quizlet (password: timhorton)
  • Add photos that would be helpful to other trainees (related to logistics, classroom environment, etc.) to the TTP 2019 Overseas Albums (Elementary Secondary) or post them to the Band if you prefer.
  • Share on the ground wisdom with future trainees Advice Docs: Elementary Secondary

Extensive Reading

Enjoy ER time when you can. Please make sure your ER Log is updated before departure. Feel free to take an ER book with you to Canada. If we're lucky, your ordered books will arrive before departure.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Welcome the the Whew Club!

After your Demonstration
1) Please post your activities in the TTP Kitchen
The goal is to share useful components of your lesson with past, current, and future trainees. You do not need to post the entire lesson or copy and paste the entire overview, but please make sure to include:

2) Teaching Demonstration#1 Reflection

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Week#5 Buffet

ER Resources

Lounge Goodies

Quizlet - search 'Title Chapter'


Teaching Demonstration Thoughts
- 50+%, 
- output documentation
- during TD, lean into 'teacher mode'
- whole group, anyone?
-  part 1- part 2
Self-Assessment, Embrace the Experiment, Don't be afraid to flop
Tentative Schedule Here

Classroom English/ TEE 
Classroom English Megalist * Checking for Understanding (ICQ & CCQ)

More TEE Resources

TILL Output

Produce at least one blog post describing how you can use one or more TILL tools in your teaching. Create at least one example teaching object (e.g. Quizlet set, Wordart, Quizizz, etc.) and link to or embed it on your blog.
Audio Guide Odds & Ends

Text to Speech Tools

Questions for Former Trainees
Elementary     Secondary

TTP 2018 Overseas Albums (Elementary   Secondary  Secondary#2)

Thursday, March 28, 2019

TTP2019 in Canada

Advice from TTP Alumni:  Elementary   Secondary

Mississauga Weather (April 2019      Now      2019 Forecast)   CAD-KRWExchange Rate

 TTP2019 in Canada, eh? Map

Mississauga Overview   Demographics


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